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  • http://bksportsblog.blogspot.com/
  • Florida is the big play for me today.
  • 5 units on Florida -3
  • 2 units on Florida -4
  • May add more, including a 1st half bet.
  • Not sure about the UCONN game yet, may pass altogether.
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Here is my card so far.  Nothing really jumping out at me as warranting a big play.  May add, may not.

Marquette +4.5 vs North Carolina (1 unit)
Marq./UNC UND 151 (1 unit)

Richmond +10.5 vs Kansas (1 unit)
Kentucky/OSU OVER 140.5 (2 units)
VCU +4 vs FSU (1 unit)

All write ups and previous days picks here.........


Good luck today guys!
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Florida -5 (3 units. I have them at -6 for 1 of the units)
Gonzaga -1.5 (2 units)
Morehead State +4.5 (1 unit. Haven't put this one in yet, waiting for +5, as it moved up, then back down moments ago)

My write up is below. Good luck today guys, I am off to traveling baseball practice for my stepson. Thank the lord the facility has WIFI!!!!

11/0 ... 92011.html

Had a decent day yesterday....

Oakland +10.5 vs Texas(2 units) -- WINNER (+2.0) (+2.0  net)
Notre Dame -14.0 vs Akron  (3 units) -- LOSER (-3.3) (-1.3 net)
George Mason +1.5 vs Villanova (1 unit) -- WINNER (+1.0) (-0.3 net)
George Mason +0.5 (2h) vs Nova (1 unit) -- WINNER (+1.0) (+0.7 net)
Arizona -3 (2h) vs Memphis  -- LOSER (-1.1) (-0.4 net)
FSU/TXAM UN 122 (1 unit) -- WINNER (+1.0) (+0.6 net)

St. Peters +15 vs Purdue (1 unit) -- LOSER (-1.1) (-0.5 net)
Marquette +2.5 vs Xavier (2 units)  -- WINNER (+2.0) (+1.5 net)
VCU +5.5 vs Georgetown (2 units) -- WINNER (+2.0) (+3.5 net)

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NCAA Update!

Well, my brackets got off to a precarious start, going 0-4, but managed to win the next 4 to get even.  Richmond bailed me out with a nice win, so I am 1-1 on my bets, both 2 units.  Still plenty of action to go!!!
Old Dominion -2 vs Butler (2 units)  LOSS -2.2 units
Richmond +2.5 vs Vandy (2 units)  WIN +2 units
Wofford +8 vs BYU (1 unit)
UCONN -10 vs Bucknell (1 unit)
Gonzaga +1.5 vs St. Johns (1 unit)
Kansas State -2.5 vs Utah State (4 units)

Here is my blog with the rest of my picks an analysis...http://bksportsblog.blogspot.com/

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NCAA Thursday picks

Here is the link to my write up on today's picks, and other NCAA Tourney related material.

Quick recap of yesterday's action.......(WED PICKS)

UTSA got up huge early and often against Bama State, but did let them creep back into it a little. Regardless, they held on for the fairly easy cover and a 3 unit win.

Nebraska did not show up. Props to Wichita State for sticking it to them, I had that one pegged completely wrong. (loss 1.1 unit)

Didn't get to watch the USF Dons game, but followed online and they were in control most of the game, pulling away late until the made me sweat it out (after being up 14 with 90 seconds left, the lead shrunk to as little as 6), but a win is a win!! (won 1 unit)

On the day, up 2.9 units.  I'll take that any day!!!!

OK, here are my games for Thursday in the NCAA 1st round (yes, I am still calling it the first round)
Old Dominion -2 vs Butler (2 units)
Richmond +2.5 vs Vandy (2 units)
Wofford +8 vs BYU (1 unit)
UCONN -10 vs Bucknell (1 unit)
Gonzaga +1.5 vs St. Johns (1 unit)
Kansas State -2.5 vs Utah State (4 units)

Good luck all!
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NCAA Links, and Wednesday picks.....


Here are my picks for tonight:
UT-San Antonio -2.5 (3 units)
Nebraska +5 (1 unit)
San Francisco -4 (1 unit)

Those are official.  Below are my links to other NCAA information!






...and here is an added treat, a classic buzzer beater from the first round in 1996.
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